Create Amazon Store in App v2

This page describes how to add an Amazon store to the App (Beta).

Select the Stores link in the App and then the New Store button.

Select the Connect button under Amazon and enter your chosen store name, URL and select a currency.  

The URL must be that of your Amazon Store Home Page with Merchant Token included, for example Note that https:// is optional.  

f you are unsure of the Merchant Token value it can be found in Amazon Seller Central by selecting the Options icon and then Account Info from the drop-down menu. In the Business |nformation section clicking the link Your Merchant Token will reveal the token value, e.g. A1B0C1O1E50EEE.  

We currently support these marketplaces:, and and if you are reselling in multiple countries in Europe then create a store for each.  It is important that the currency selection is appropriate for the marketplace.

Select the Create button and your browser will be directed to Amazon Seller Central for the region in which your app is associated.  You must login including two-factor authentication and accept the MyPrintStreet app requirements to access your seller account for purpose of managing listings, pricing and order tracking. Click the checkbox and Confirm button to proceed.

Publishing Products

Once directed back into the reseller app, products can be published to the store as normal within the limits of supported categories. The authentication lasts for 1 year, an email reminder will be sent by Amazon when the app is close to expiration date.  The MyPrintStreet app will be listed in the Apps and Services -> Manage Your Apps section of the Seller Central account and can be renewed here.

At the appropriate stage of the Add To Store process you will need to select an Amazon Product Type or category to proceed.

Currently supported categories for Beta are DRINKING CUP, SHIRT, HOME, OUTERWEAR and KITCHEN these will be expanded upon as required.

Note that a GTIN exemption for each category under the brand Generic is required on the Amazon Seller account for listings to be made Active, please see

Once the Add To Store process is complete listings will be visible in the Amazon Seller Central account either under the area Inventory -> Manage All Inventory or Catalogue -> Complete Your Drafts depending on the status of the product.  Listings are normally available after 15 minutes but updates can take up to 24 hours to be visible.  Each SKU can appear only once per store, therefore multiple publish attempts for the same SKU(s) will only create one listing each.

The store page in the App will show published products.

Receiving Orders

Once orders are received in the workflow they are held to allow for customer personal information to be entered into the workflow, we cannot obtain this automatically from Amazon. The orders view in Amazon Seller Central shows the full personal information for the customer such as shipping address, phone and email address.

Amazon orders will always be held or be in error state because of shipping calculation. The App will show Amazon orders in the Orders Requiring Attention tab and when selected the customer and shipping address along with the phone and email address can be set. Some regional address information may already be set but not the full address. Use the buttons Edit Customer Address and Edit Shipping Address to make the fields editable, or set the Customer Address and then use the Copy Customer Address button to easily synchronise the two.

Once the full address is set the shipping can be calculated in the workflow.


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