Product Change Process

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We manage change in our product using a Roadmap.

Changes can be requested at any time using the following form:

Change requests are processed by our Product Manager who will decide whether the change:

  1. is a change for our product OR
  2. is a change specifically for a Customer OR
  3. is a Support Call.

Change for our product

The change will be scheduled in our roadmap. We perform scheduling based on many factors such as: resources, skills, market pressures, other change requests, etc. The roadmap will be updated to reflect the change.

Acceleration Fee

We appreciate that our scheduling priorities might not be the same as yours, therefore, we offer an opportunity to bring the change forward by paying an Acceleration Fee. This fee is calculated based on the size of the change and is in recognition of the fact that we will need to bring in extra resource to cover the increased workload. Acceleration requests can be made to the Product Manager at any time.

Change specifically for a Customer

The Product Manager will contact the person requesting the change to discuss commercial options.

Support Call

The Support Call will be sent to our Support Team for processing.

Roadmap Location

The Roadmap can be accessed through Workflow:


Workflow > Help Menu top right > Roadmap

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