To publish products to an WooCommerce store first ensure you have setup the store hosting and essential store settings as described in the solution Create A WooCommerce Store.

To add the store first login to the App and select Stores from the left-hand bar to show the stores setup against your account.  Hit the New Store button to show available store types.

Select WooCommerce from the listed stores types.

Complete the form that appears with the store domain, your chosen display name and the username and password associated with the API key you created, the username is the consumer key and the password is the secret.  For an example of the store domain please see the screen shot below, it should appear like

The store will be added to the list of configured stores, now setup to publish products to the store.  Products can then be managed within the store and synchronised as normal for Shopify stores.

The Settings link on the store view will show the standard store settings page with the WooCommerce store domain that has been setup.