Track Metrics’s release management objective is to ensure release activities are planned, scheduled and controlled and to ensure that the integrity of the live environment is protected and that correct components are released.

Track Metrics will follow the agreed Release Management Process for the implementation of all changes.

Track Metrics will review the security and operational impact of the release and where appropriate update any customers prior to release to the service.

Track Metrics will create a release plan for each release. Typically this will include an appropriate subset of the following information:

  • Contents/ description of the Releases

  • Reference to Change Record

  • Initiator of the Change

  • Short description of the Change

  • Associated problem ticket references

  • Reason for the Change to be implemented (Business Case)

  • Effects upon:

  • the Client Business areas

  • Interfacing systems, subcontractors, external parties

  • IT Infrastructure components (configuration items)

  • Stakeholder engagement,  release managers and escalation channels (RACI)

  • Planned implementation date and maintenance window requirement

  • Implementation plans

  • Deployment plans

  • Rollback plans

  • Test plans

Release artefacts can include the following:

  • Installation guide

  • Release notes detailing problem ticket references and summary information

  • Deployment test instructions

  • Known errors

  • Workarounds

  • Any additional documentation required to update Track Metrics staff on the release

In the event that a rollback of a release is required, Track Metrics will analyse the root cause for the failure of the deployment and resolve the issue. The release management process will be followed to seek approval for a further maintenance window.

To minimise the risk of Production changes failing and there being a requirement to rollback a deployed change Track Metrics executes extensive testing both pre-release and post-release to ensure application quality.

Track Metrics as standard implements post implementation reviews to capture lessons learned and to drive continuous service improvement.